Scoreboard Tips

(by Tom Bouwer)

As I worked with our clients these past few months, I noticed a few struggling with the scoreboard. So, I thought I’d share with you a few tips that helped them stay on track:

Tip #1
Don’t Wait

Once your scoreboard is designed, start using it within 2 weeks (within 1 week is better). This will not only help you capitalize on the momentum you’ve built, but will start to ingrain the Ownership Thinking system within your leadership team and organization.

Tip #2
Keep It on Schedule

This applies not only to the schedule you’ve set but also to the timing of your meetings. If you’ve determined that your “Huddles” will be 30 minutes. Start on time and end after 30 minutes – even if you are not finished. Extended meetings can cause frustration and hurt your productivity in future meetings.

Tip #3
Keep It Simple

Many clients want to start with a long list of KPIs [key performance indicators]. My recommendation is that you start small and grow your KPI list as you become comfortable with the process (note: most situations never call for more than 25 KPIs). Start with the KPIs for which you have easy access to accurate data – after a few meetings, you can add your “wish list” KPIs.

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Until next time,

Perry Phillips, President

Ownership Thinking Canada

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