Effective Meetings

Quick Tips (by Tom Bouwer, Ownership Thinking)

Time is Money

Are your meetings less effective than they should be?  Here are two tips to help you run more productive meetings.

Tip #1 Meeting Structure

Create a written meeting structure.  Here is a sample: 5 minutes – good news reporting, 20 minutes – KPI and action item reporting (no discussion), 5 minutes – Issue identification and prioritization, 25 minutes – issue resolution and action item assignments, 5 minutes – call outs and thanks.

Tip #2 Meeting Effectiveness

Are meetings running too long?  Follow the above tip but add a timekeeper and a sheriff.  Their role is to start and end each section on time – even if you are not done.  Don’t try to solve every issue at every meeting.  Instead, try to completely resolve one issue per week – that’s 52 issues a year.

Clients who follow these practices are very pleased to see how much they’ve accomplished by year-end.

Until next time,

Perry Phillips, President

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