The Adult Contract – Adults Don’t Shoot Each Other

The Adult Contract

As discussed previously, the Adult Contract is an “agreement as to how people ought to treat one another in this new environment of visibility and accountability.”

Adults Don’t:  Shoot each other (figuratively, of course)

Everybody makes mistakes.  In his book Ownership Thinking: How to End Entitlement and Create a Culture of Accountability, Purpose, and Profit, Brad Hams says, “If employees are honest and caring enough to own up to mistakes they’ve made, and get shot for that, it’s pretty clear what they will do the next time they make mistakes (they’ll hide them, of course).  If they try out ideas and they don’t work and they get shot for that, it’s pretty clear what they will do with their next ideas (they’ll keep them to themselves).”

Adults Don’t: Hide Problems

This goes along with not shooting each other.  If your employees aren’t shooting each other, there is less reason for them to hide problems.  Hidden problems are probably only going to get worse.  However, when they know they won’t get shot down, employees will feel more comfortable bringing the problem to light where it can be addressed and hopefully rectified.

We’ll go over more aspects of The Adult Contract in the next post.

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