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Ownership Thinking™ is the internationally-renowned business system that helps companies boost employee engagement and kick-start company-wide growth by transforming cultures of entitlement and teaching workers to think and act like owners.

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In Memoriam of Brad Hams

Brad Hams, Founder and President of Ownership Thinking Worldwide, passed away October 17th, 2014.

An expert in Finance and Human Behaviour and a past President of Mrs. Fields Cookies (Mexico), Brad created a program to change the cultures of companies from one of Entitlement to one of Total Employee Engagement. He was a brilliant and caring individual who was a major thought leader in understanding how and why employees engage or disengage from their jobs. His goal was no less than creating a world where people of all ethnic groups and classes could achieve their dreams.

Brad’s program of Ownership Thinking has helped hundreds of business owners and tens of thousands of employees achieve unheard of improvements, not only in their business results, but in the quality of their lives. This later fact was of prime importance to Brad and he took great satisfaction in being part of those results. Brad’s love of life and the passion to live it to the fullest created an abundance of energy within him which allowed Brad to give well over 100 seminars each year, to write a best selling book (Ownership Thinking), and to expand his concepts to different countries in the world.

It was an honour and a privilege to meet and work with Brad over the last 3 years. His enduring legacy will be his important contribution to the field of human engagement and his beautiful family.

Brad leaves behind his wife Carmen and their two children, Alex and Maury.

Perry Phillips CPA, CA, CBV COTF

Certified OT Facilitator

T 416 645 0512 or 1 877 995 3767

E perry@ownershipthinking.ca

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