E-Learning – The Fundamentals of Ownership Thinking

Program Description:

The news is currently all abuzz with headlines stating that there is a dangerous culture of “entitlement” among today’s workforce; that people are unhappy and unfulfilled in their work lives and yet expect high rates of returns on their sometimes mediocre contributions. A successful company must have an engaged workforce if it is to compete in today’s highly volatile and complex world of business. Engagement means commitment, it means passion, and it means profits not only for business owners but for employees as well.

Ownership Thinking was created over 16 years ago by Brad Hams, a master at creating and sustaining business cultures of excellence. As with all great ideas, its very simplicity makes the methodology accepted and implemented by over 2000 companies around the world! The Fundamentals of Ownership Thinking module will explain the importance of ending cultures of workplace “entitlement” while taking the learner through this exciting and revolutionary model.

Topics Covered:

  • Components of the Ownership Thinking Model
  • Scoreboards
  • Rapid Improvement Plans
  • Key Performance Indicators (both lagging and leading)
  • Huddles

How to Purchase and Sign-In:

Go to http://learn.vubiz.com/ESOP to purchase and access your course. Only $59 for 90 days access for an individual user license.

Sneak Preview:

Go to http://vubiz.com/sampler/Sampler.asp?vSamp_Id=ESOP3 to sample a few pages. Enjoy!

Need More Information:

Visit www.OwnershipThinking.ca to learn more.

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